Le Garrick

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Meal courtesy of Le Garrick

Attended by me!

History and Background:

An iconic French restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden

My colleagues and I celebrated Bastille’s Day at Le Garrick, a restaurant that I’ve heard of through word of mouth but never had a chance to visit.

A very easy find, situated close to Covent Garden station and a comfortable 20 minute walk from work (Chancery Lane), we found ourselves greeted by friendly waiters upon our arrival. Coated with thick French accents and donning themselves with stripped t-shirts it was like as if we stepped inside Paris! Dim lit and candle light settings, a small establishment over two floors and they have an extensive menu catering for all types of french tastes.

Renowned for its wine cellar, be sure to taste some of Le Garrick’s french blends too.

We opted for the Bastille Day menu specifically.

The meal:

Le Garrick (5 of 22)
Coq Au Vin

Showcasing authenticity with one of the most classic french dishes for Bastille Day, Coq Au Vin. I’ve not had much French stew in my lifetime and admit that I’m not so much a fan of it, but for the occasion, what better dish to have than have it on Bastille Day!

The dish consists of chicken braised in wine and typically with potatos, garlic, herbs, onions and mushrooms. The fragrance of each ingredient can be felt here and though I thought chicken was slightly dry this is typical in nature, especially from a long brew.

Le Garrick (8 of 22)

Le Garrick (19 of 22)
Tarte Tartin

We ended up a sweet high, the Tarte Tartin demolished by all 3 of us, though maybe too much on the sweet end, the ice cream was a great accompaniment. Don’t let the visuals of this dish fool you, it makes a great end to the evening!

Tarte Tatin is an upside-down pastry in which the fruit are caramelized in butter and sugar before the tart is baked.

Price: ££

(A La Carte for 3 courses would be £££)

Square Meal


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