Cocoa Runners – Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate – the new thing? A new thing for me at least!


My recent obsession with dark chocolate all started with a chocolate tasting session courtesy of Cocoa Runners held at Prufrock Coffee.

img_0658img_0659I was first handed vintage chocolate from the July subscription of Cocoa Runners and can instantly tell this was not your normal-everyday-chocolate, some were uniquely hand wrapped, the texture and colour of the chocolate also very different.

By all means I can recite and churn out all about what Cocoa Runners is all about off the internet but I can definitely tell you, if you haven’t tried the chocolates sold by Cocoa Runners before, try it now.

Cocoa Runners is co-founded by Simon and Spencer and promises to showcase the world’s finest chocolate bars through their subscription service and gift boxes. Their chocolate library is unbelievably extensive, with some of the rarest and harder sourced chocolate available for purchase through their website.

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Every month, a box of Craft Chocolate will be delivered to your door carefully selected by Cocoa Runners, each bar will come with a description and the story behind it.

Two of my favourite bars from the September subscription are:

dsc07011Blanxart Dominican Republic 

  • Cocoa Content: 72%
  • Bean Origin: Dominican Republic

I’m actually eating this right now. My third purchase of the same bar after receiving it in my first subscription! It’s addictive. A piece of this is almost like eating the inside of an oozing chocolate fondant, incredibly rich with hints of cashew and macadamia. The chocolate here is made entirely of cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. You will find most bars that are selected from Cocoa Runners are made up of very simple ingredients keeping it fine and organic, of course that’s where the quality lies.

dsc07014dsc07015Menakao Madagascar Dark

  • Cocoa Conent: 80%
  • Bean Origin: Madagascar

This bar of chocolate wasn’t as rich – but definitely more fragrant with a hint of natural fruitiness. Menakao is one of the few producers who make its chocolate entirely at source, whereby beans are grown harvest and made into chocolate in Madagascar. Obvious benefits here for the local economy and employment in Madagascar.

I recommend you trying a few of the chocolates from Cocoa Runners, with some available from Prufrock Coffee. Chocolate after all, is one of your 5 a day!



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