Chinese Cricket Club – Dim Sum Masterclass

Courtesy of Chinese Cricket Club

Attended and written by Ed @onehungryasian and published by Steph

DSC_3665.JPGWe’re fans of Chinese Cricket Club here at Eat With Steph. We previously checked them out for their Chelsea Flower Show menu, and they impressed us then with their fresh and flavour packed dishes, all presented beautifully and with a certain refined style similar to that you’d find at high end traditional Chinese restaurants.
I snapped up a chance to come back to take part in their dim sum masterclasses, especially as in the City area high quality Chinese restaurants (and especially dim sum ones) are hard to find!
We were presented with an introduction to Mailan, a dim sum master chef formerly from Hakkasan, who took us through how to make 3 classic dim sum items. First up was spring rolls, filled with freshly cooked vegetables and carefully rolled. Surprisingly easy to roll up once we’d learnt the technique from Mai. Next was chicken wontons, with their unique shape causing confusion amongst the group. And finally, the classic siu mai, which are served here with a scallop on top.
The chefs and Mailan are on hand to guide you through all the steps, and it’s a fun and hands on experience to introduce you to classic dim sum dishes, and earn your dinner!
We followed this up by dining on some of the head chef’s speciality dishes including the special crispy duck and pancakes and sea bass covered in a unique garlic and ginger sauce. But the absolute stand out dish for us was the belly pork, braised for 5 hours then thinly sliced over a portion of sticky rice. That pork was SO tender, it quite literally melted in my mouth. Somehow the plate of it ended up by me for the majority of the dinner…
dsc_3671All in all, Chinese Cricket Club offers some stand out Chinese dishes in the heart of the city, and the fresh dim sum here is worth making the trip for. Get some friends together, book it in for a client dinner, but make the effort to do the dim sum workshop and try out the food here at Chinese Cricket Club!
The next dim masterclass is on the 21st November, and tickets are £35 including a glass of prossecco on arrival, a workshop including 5 dishes, unlimited tea and a goodie bag when complete. 

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