Bernardi’s London

Meal courtesy of Bernardi’s

bernardis-london-1-of-34Bernardi’s is relative newcomer to the London restaurant scene having established itself in September 2015 by the Bernardi brothers. At the heart of Mayfair, affluent locals flock together to catch up over the week with glasses of prosecco and fine wine without having to travel too far.

Spacious leather seating, a simplistic yet stylish interior and the availability of dining al-fresco.

The meal:

Crispy potato, scamorza and rosemary pizzette

This must be one of the best inventions ever.

Crispy potato bits on top of pizza? Carb on carb are what Italians are best at! A great sharing starter but be conscious that this might fill you up to quick. The rosemary gave great fragrance to the pizzette.

Grilled tiger prawns, garlic, parsley and peperoncino

Nick had this as his starter and I cheekily took a piece. Soft and well grilled.

Burratina, roasted beetroot and basil

At the moment I currently have a thing about burratas. I love them, anything burrata related I will order. The beetroot and basil complemented the burrata, which was really fresh and cool. This was just as good as the burratas I had at Pulia. At Bernardi’s for £9.50 this is well worth the value compared to some of its competitors. If you’re a cheese person like me, then I would recommend having a try at this and let me know what you think.

Alba truffle fettuccine

We ordered this as the first course, as suggested by their lovely staff, Italians like to dine big. Four courses is the norm!

At £21 this is rather steep given the size of the portion, but alba truffles are expensive to source and also expensive to serve, so in reality the price tag is no surprise. This was a good dish but not spectacular. Autumn truffles are now in season so there will be much to compare this month.

Guinea Fowl, parmesan polenta, wild mushrooms and marsala

Nick had this for his main. I quite liked it, the aroma was strong from the wild mushrooms, the parmesan polenta was a nice addition. It had the milky taste but not quite as dense as mashed potato so this was a clever pairing. The guinea fowl, tender and well cooked.

Lamb rump, braised shoulder, bagna cauda and queen kale
Fine plating from the staff at Bernardi’s. Food is a thing of beauty…

The lamb rump was tender and a lot of meat is actually given for such a fine course. The kale balanced the strong flavour of the sauces which can be slightly overpowering after the first couple of bites. The lamb itself was fragrant and I particularly loved the more crispier parts, the edges are best.

Fig mille-fueille with walnut ice-cream

Fine visuals, with the plating done well. The figs were fresh and the pastry was crisp, it made a light dessert along with nutty crunch from the walnut ice-cream, this made a nice ending to the meal.

All in all, the menu is generic and you will find many of your standard Italian traditional courses on there which are visually well presented. The food is good, not impressive and doesn’t stand out, but it is good.

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Berry Panna-cotta with honeycomb

Service: Staff were delightful and I was always met with smiles!

The price: £££

Square Meal


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