HKK Chinese New Year Menu (2017)

Meal courtesy of HKK and Hakkasan Group

Written by me!


Michelin Star*

This blog is no stranger to the Hakkasan Group, when it comes to giving recommendations, these restaurants have always been high on my list! (see posts on HKK, Yauatcha, Yauatcha City, Sake no Hana, Hakkasan).

Chinese New Year is celebrated very well at HKK London  and the menus they create for this occasion often outwits the class and elegance of others.

hkk-2017-4-of-15HKK boasts a compelling dining experience from traditional Chinese dishes to high-end quality courses of fine calibre. Opened in 2012, it was the latest of the Hakkasan Group but was very quick to impress, with its culinary string of tasting courses. Chinese New Year is celebrated over a fortnight of festivities and culinary celebrations. HKK has geared up a tailored set menu for the new year inclusive of its famous Peking duck.

Chinese New Year 2017 Menu (available until 11 February 2017) (£93.88)

*Please note they also have a vegetarian menu.


Started off with an amuse bouche of Kumquat flavouring (complemented with lime liquor and chinese spirits) the liquor was strong and sweet which offset the subtle flavouring of the amuse bouche. Both very citrusy. (We forgoned the Orchard’s flight soon after as we aren’t very good with alcohol!)


Emperor’s bite of spring (king crab, white truffle, winter bamboo shoot). This was the first time I’ve ever had a pancake roll encased in gold and it was impressive, the king crab meaty and overall a nice light starter to it all.


Second course was the Monk jumps over the wall (abalone, sea cucumber, ginseng) and third, Touch of the heart (lobster and pickle Chinese leaves dumpling, king crab with XO sauce dumpling and sea bass and shrimp dumpling). Both these courses come similar to the servings from last year but with a twist. This time with abalone and ginseng bringing a sense of familiarity to my tongue as my family would make this on special occasions. Very aromatic and great for your health too. You can’t leave a Chinese New Year menu without any dumpling fun and one of HKK’s signature courses cannot be excluded! Different dumplings again this time and my favourite out of the three visits here, the King Crab with XO sauce was my favourite. All of these parcels consisted of very meaty fillings with sauces erupting from every bite.

hkk-2017-8-of-15hkk-2017-9-of-15Imperial cherry wood Peking duck.

The peking duck also did a makeover, bringing in black caviar and fried foie gras illustrating class in the highest form. Never have I thought foie gras would go well with the skin of a peking duck and this was an absolute delight.

Followed by scallop noodles (yu fungus, lemon grass, royal stock) and Eight treasure chicken (guinea fowl, ginko nut, mangalica ham). The scallop noodles was the least impressive and this was mainly from the texture of the noodles in which the scallops were sat atop of. Unfortunately thought it was a bit over cooked and too soft. Eight treasure chicken though, was a visual delight with dry ice steaming from the bottom of the box weaving in and around the plastic wrapped the entree.

Our meal comes to a near end with pre dessert kum quat carrot cake, a consistent theme to this years Chinese New Year menu. Served with vanilla cream, orange foam plated around the  poached kumquat sponge cake. 

The real show stopper was the dessert, the century egg, a mousse-y affair with strong essences of coffee and hazelnut in and around the plate, some sesame on the side too.



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