Heliot Steakhouse Afternoon Tea

Meal courtesy of Heliot Steak House written by Tessa @delicatessaa

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the special man in your life or just an alternative to your usual finger sandwiches and clotted cream scones then look no further for an exciting new afternoon tea experience.

Heliot Steak House is hidden away within the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, so you’ll have to try your best to pass by the roulette and blackjack tables and head up the stairs to find it.

Heliot Steak house are offering a brand new #MeaTea alternative to the traditional afternoon tea. Rather than your typical cucumber sandwiches and scones you’ll be treated to USDA Sliders and chicken lollipops, but don’t worry there are still sweet treats too including the classic Victoria sponge.

So what else makes this afternoon tea different? Well if you are like me and enjoy a good cocktail then you can choose to have a flight of 3 different cocktails each carefully crafted to match and enhance the flavours of each layer of the tea.

More of a beer person? They’ve got you covered.

Similar to the cocktails each beer is chosen to enhance the flavour of the tea and this may also make it a bit more appealing to your other half if the meat doesn’t get him first! Of course you can also stick to having tea (and save yourself a fiver) if that is more your thing.

TIP: If you do go for the cocktails, make sure you ask for them all to come at once so that you don’t have to wait for them to be made before you can get stuck into each layer.

Layer 1


The first layer consists of USDA Sliders with truffle sauce, USDA grilled polpette with a (very) spicy tomato sauce, USDA Sirloin in a mini Yorkshire pudding with red wine jus and a peri-peri lollipop to finish. To wash it all down is the quite aptly named ‘Warm Up Sip’, you’ll find out why shortly.

The USDA sliders were what I was looking forward to most and I was not disappointed. Juicy, well-seasoned, high quality meat served with a truffle sauce that was to die for and all packaged up in a mini brioche bun, heaven.


Next up was the grilled polpette. Now this is not for the faint hearted or spice averse amongst us, although very well cooked and great tasting it is fair to say that the spicy tomato sauce is indeed extremely spicy. However, that is what the drinks are for

The Warm Up Sip will cool you right down with its ice cold Russian Standard, Bergamot Liqueur Maraschino Liqueur and fresh Lemon juice. A little too strong for me, it sure packs a punch between bites.

Rounding off Layer 1 was a very tasty little Peri Peri chicken lollipop and the Yorkshire pudding with USDA sirloin and red wine Jus. The steak was great quality, although cold by the time it got to us which was a shame.

Layer 2

For the second tier of goodies the cocktail pairing is the best of the bunch in my opinion – the Smokey Jamboree. Smoked Vodka with Spiced Rum can do no wrong in my books, especially when with lime juice, mint raspberry jam and earl grey tea.


To soak up some of the booze we tucked into the second layer of food and were pleasantly surprised by the Rosemary marinated Lamb cutlets – so juicy and one of my favourites from the whole dish. I will be coming back for a full sized lamb dish (and a burger…. And a steak… and a….well, you get the picture)

IMG_4652Refresh your taste buds with the grilled chicken pitta before feasting on the chicken rolls drizzled with a lemon thyme mayo. Now, that mayo sounds so simple but it was so.good. I’ll be trying to replicate at home.


Layer 3

It was with sad hearts that we realised we were on to our final tier but morale was boosted by the arrival of the final drinks. For me, The Pollypop, a strong creamy wonder of 808, Apple jack, apple juice, ginger liqueur and Mozart white choc liqueur. Again, maybe a bit strong, but it went well with the desserts.


Now, this MeaTea is all about the Meat (obviously) so the desserts aren’t the main event but they are decent. You’ve got a classic Victoria sponge sandwich to get your teeth into and a chocolate Kahlua tart which is also good. The winning dessert though is the Summer fruit tartlet with mascarpone cheese.

And that rounds up the #MeaTea Afternoon tea at the Heliot Steakhouse. If you’re in Leicester square, check it out and definitely go for the great value alcohol pairings.


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