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A spin-off of the Monocle magazine, a modest cafe shrouded by scaffolding
History and Background:

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An instagram massive with the hot chocolate matcha cream at the Monocle cafe…
So it’s not a restaurant – but hey, who says I can’t blog it?

 The Monocle Cafe actually serves some proper meals, so I’m wary that since I haven’t tried any, I can’t give an overall opinion of what food is like here. They have a great selection of Japanese delights, like udon and salads, but I’ll leave that for your visit.

I came here a few times just for the Matcha hot chocolate, something that became a bit of an Instagram frenzy earlier this year, hot chocolate simply topped up with matcha cream…simple, but so easily satisfying.

Opened 1 April 2013.

The meal:

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Shrimp Katsu Sandwich £6
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Cafe Latte £3
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Hot chocolate £3 (Matcha cream comes extra 50p – £1.50+)
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Lanka cakes – Matcha tart (?) with red bean filling £4.90
These desserts are produced by Lanka, a cafe which I have yet to visit, but the Monocle also does macarons and chocolate tarts, not everything is about green tea!

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Lanka cakes – Matcha tart £4.90
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Possibly my 4th or 5th cup… (after multiple visits)
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Katsu sandwich that comes with a handful of salt vinegar crisps and a few slices of gherkin
I believe the shrimp katsu sandwich is made to be more of a snack than a meal. (I did share this with Grace – so another reason for me not to be full)

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This red bean filling… so unbelievably good
Service: Since it’s a cafe, minimal interaction

Bits and bobs:

  • Its quite a walk away from Bond Street, but its right opposite Chiltern Firehouse…maybe do some celeb spotting?
  • They have a great selection of foods which I’ve yet to try, but do hurry. Certain things run out real quick, particularly the Lanka selection, or the sandwiches
  • Opening hours aren’t too long, check the website for details

Price: £

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Square Meal

Winter Garden at the Landmark Hotel

A diner’s paradise, the hotel restaurant with a view. My accompanies Lydia, Shaneel and Dola

History and background:

Awarded 2 AA Rosettes.

Another very traditionally British dining experience with Winter Garden, a restaurant hotel set in the midst of an eight-storey atrium. The backdrop and interior design is idyllic with a true elegant feel to it. The calming atmosphere and exquisite design just leaves you in awe. It was such a shame I wasn’t able to photograph the interior design properly! One of the best restaurant hotels in London. Worth a visit, particularly for afternoon tea. Oh and celebrity spotting! (We saw Peggy from Eastenders.)

The Landmark hotel owned by the Thai company Landmark Group is ranked amongst the finest luxury hotels in London.

The meal:

Galician Style Octopus £13.00

One of the starters, braised octopus, smoked paprika, potatoes and rocket salad. As this meal was for my 21st birthday, I’m afraid I didn’t try most of these dishes! But general consent was that these all were good. Visual appeal certainly helps..

Orkney Hand Dived Scallops £15.00

Here another starter, this was by far the most popular starter, with Boey, Dola, Joey, Lizzie, Lydia and Hannah all opting for the lovely scallops! This dish consisted of roasted cauliflower, crispy chicken and fennel.

Warm Terrine of Denham Estate Pork £12.00

I’m not really sure what the popcorn-y bits are, I never asked but from the menu this was Pork with crackling and heritage carrot salad.

Wild Sea Trout £27.00

First of the mains! Above, the sea trout came with chive gnocchi, caviar, baby turnips and water vinaigrette.

Pan Roasted Atlantic Cod £24.00

This was Lizzie’s main, olive and pine nut crust, salt cod potato, grilled baby artichokes and lemon.

‘Teriyaki’ Short Rib of USDA Beef £27.00

An Asian fusion dish, most of these dishes do have some element of a Middle Eastern or Asian twist to it, though, some are very subtle. This came with pearl barley, watercress, ginger and spring onions.

Free Range Devonshire Chicken £23.00

Chicken with leg croquette, sweetcorn, baby gem and seasonal mushrooms.

(I did two angles with this one – the camera’s favourite.)
A visually appealing dish, Owen’s, Boey’s, and Joey’s main.
Vanilla Cheesecake £8.00

Prash’s dessert less the nuts (allergy), with apricots and white chocolate

Lemon Meringue £8.00

Owen had this, looks good doesn’t it! All butter shortbread and lemon thyme.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla cream £8.00
Millefeuille £8.00

I had this one! Pretty good, preeetty good. Textures of Yorkshire rhubarb and ginger.

English Strawberries and Chocolate £8.00

Boris’ one, had a touch of earl grey ganache, strawberries and Cornish clotted cream.

It was a very good meal overall, but pricey. Worth a trip for a special occasion, but for the average person, don’t go too often…

Service: service was great but I think it was because 1. we were basically the only other people in the restaurant, 2. we were a big booking and thus, required particular or special treatment I would say. There is of course the 12.5% service charge.

Bits and bobs:

  • Parties over 10 requires a pre-order before 48 hours of the meal.
  • It can be quite echoey, probably due to the glass roof atrium being 8 storeys high..

Price: £££

£680 pounds for 11 people.

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Square Meal