Sake no Hana (Sakura Menu)

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Sake No Hana and some photos are provided by Sarah, Fia and Peonie

A sushi fine dining establishment set in the centre of Mayfair. Revolving doors and centrally lined escalators at its foyer lead us to an elegantly designed interior, bamboo lines up the walls with pseudo-screened windows to facade the busy streets of St James. Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. 

Within a modern Grade II listed building and a 13 seat sushi bar, it’s an ideal place for post-work dinner or business meetings. Sake no Hana, as you would expect, has an extensive list of liqueur, from sake of various types to high quality fine wine. 

The concept this time for Sake No Hana is the cherry blossom season, a season very fitting by name. In fact, as I write this very post I am in Tokyo for that very reason. Hanami, which literally translates to “cherry blossom viewings” is a must do/ must see popular attraction in Japan around March and April every year. Sake no Hana successfully introduces this tradition to London with a Sakura Menu concept. 

As part of their new Sakura Menu roll out, intricate and exquisite cherry blossoms lines the restaurant’s entrance.  The delicate nature of this design continues with the ceilings interior. A different view day and night, both of which are as equally eye opening as each other. Be sure to visit Sake no Hana if you want to catch a glimpse of Japan now in London!

The bar at Sake no Hana has been transformed into a cherry blossom garden. It will transform from day, with falling petals, a grass floor, and moving blossom projections, to night, when the garden will be lit with hundreds of twinkling lights, paying homage to yosakura, or ‘night sakura’.

The meal:

The Sakura menu in question is £34 per head and full details are shown here

Created by Head Chef Hideki Hiwatashi, the new menu is available until 18th June.

Fia and Peonie attended on behalf of the blog. 

Cocktails were very interesting. Playful in nature with the added element of spray ‘perfume’ to add extra flavour their cocktails made from behind the bar. Gin based and there was violet, cherry and elderflower to follow the Sakura element to the evening. Tangy and sweet and yet refreshing.

The miso shiru consisted of edamame and tofu which was similarly unique, the miso albeit a bit too weak in flavour. 

More restaurants now use acrylic boxes which I have not found the reason as to why yet but it definitely does give the visual appeal. 

The bento boxes are available with either vegetable tempura, teriyaki salmon or teriyaki chicken. Fia and Peonie opted for the salmon and chicken as seen in respective photos. Keep an eye out on the bamboo wrapped Seabass sashimi, very fragrant and very tender. Bamboo wrapping allows to keep the flavours intact and ensure a fuller flavour. 

The salmon was firm and had a few bones in it, best eat this alongside rice or other condiments in the bento box as the salmon can start to taste a bit salty after a few bites given the strong seasoning. The egg mustard sauce is rich and creamy and there is also a healthier element to this as no butter or cream is used. 

The chicken was tender and also aromatic, with the shichimi sauce not too spicy and added a kick to it.

A Haiku reading was given on the night by little onion where rules on how to write a traditional poem was taught.

The night ended with desserts following the Sakura theme with cherry scented macaroons and sorbet. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Service: Hakkasan Group excel in customer service you’ll find no issues here.

Price: ££

Square Meal

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Cafe Mish

Cafe Mish (4 of 66)
Cafe Mishs’ cute interior situated on a bustling street corner
History and Background:

Sandwiches and drinks courtesy of Cafe Mish. A cafe named after the owners – you’ll find freshly made, gourmet sandwiches in the bustling corner of 1A Shepherd Street, home to several local and friendly Mayfair pubs. Opened in July 2015, they were one of the hottest new openings, delving into new and unique  niche market of high quality sandwiches sourced from H.Forman & Son, Johnson & Swarbrick and The Bread Factory. Using organic produce from these particular companies allows Cafe Mish to create a distinctive taste to sandwiches not known before.

Cafe Mish serves up made to order sandwiches, with the meat carved in front of you as you ponder over a range of sandwiches to your liking.

The food:

Cafe Mish (8 of 66)
Caramel Shortcake £2.00

Cafe Mish (12 of 66)
Belgian Chocolate £2.70
As well as sandwiches they offer enticing patisserie such as Caramel shortcake and Belgian Chocolate cake, although I didn’t try these, you can tell with one look, how finely made they are.

Cafe Mish (35 of 66)
Jujhar enjoys his Roast Chicken sandwich! Camera shy?

Cafe Mish (38 of 66)
Caffe Latte, can be customised to your taste, this with soy milk

Cafe Mish (42 of 66)
Mish Chips £2.75
The Mish chips took me by surprise, even though eating the sandwich alone was very filling, I couldn’t keep my hands away from the mixture of hand cut sweet potato and potato chips!

Cafe Mish (43 of 66)
Roast Chicken Sandwich (R) £6.75

Cafe Mish (50 of 66)
A drink, a side and a Mish sandwich caters to your very needs! A makes a very cute lunch combo
The chicken sandwich consisted of corn-fed chicken with avocado, Romaine lettuce & espelette tarragon mayonnaise. You can taste the difference between the roast chicken here to the likes of its competitors. Free from additives and growth promoters, the chicken meat was succulent, and a natural, healthy texture on the meat can be seen.

Cafe Mish (53 of 66)
Mish Pastrami £9.50

Cafe Mish (59 of 66)
Salt Beef £6.75 – £9.75
We were lucky enough to try a further two sandwiches, its signature salt beef sandwich, seemingly pricey with the L being £12.75. There is actually a reason behind this, as the meat is weighed according to how much you would like. We had a small sized one and realised just how much meat you get in one sandwich! The salt beef consists of slow braised salted beef, sweet pickle gherkins, dijonnaise on a caraway bloomer. Calling these sandwiches divine would be an understatement!

I had the mish pastrami, a personal favourite, which consists of marinated beef brisket, Russian dressing, rose harrisa, sauerkraut and melted emmentaler. One bite of it and you can tell the bread is baked fresh, soft but taut enough to hold the insides.

Cafe Mish (62 of 66)
Soup of the day taster!

Cafe Mish (66 of 66)
Cafe Mish does quirky popcorn too.
We had a taster of the soup of the day, zucchini, basil and parmesan. The soup was thick and held flavour, with strong aroma emanating from the cup. A definite filling and appetizing end to our evening.

Service: We were served by Mish’s son who was here on a summer break! Great hospitality and very welcoming staff.

Bits and bobs:

  • They do deliveries so check their website for more information
  • They also have regular deals on so keep an eye out!

Price: ££

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