Amici Miei

Meal courtesy of Amici Miei

Written by me!

Arrived to a nice surprise on a road which consists mainly of Vietnamese restaurants, conned by many as the ‘pho mile’, Amici Miei is situated just at the bottom of this road offering Italian cuisine.img_0001

Amici Miei, which translates to ‘my friends’, have been around for years offering regional dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Classic italian dining ususally consists of 4 courses and by no means was this any different from Amici Miei, an extensive menu, more so on the pizza and pasta side offering classic and also unique flavours such as carbonara pizza and calzone.

We arrived at 7pm and by 8pm the entire place was full, with waiters amongst the hustle and bustle and aromatic pizzas coming straight out from the wood fire ovens. Definitely a local favourite.

Of course, we had to try one of their pizzas which have been acclaimed by many as different from your typical sourdough pizza. The dough goes through a 72 hour slow rise process and you do really taste the difference when eaten.


There is 30% off your bill all day every Monday!

img_0008I saw burrata on the menu and had to order! Also recommended by the waitress I found the burrata (with heritage tomatoes) to be one of the freshest I’ve had. A pretty big portion too and definitely one for sharing. Also from the antipasti we had the Carpaccio di Polpo. This was octopus carpaccio, fennel and soft potato. The carpaccio was sliced slightly too thin but otherwise complemented the soft potatoes well.

From the pasta dishes we chose the ravioli (small) which consisted of burrata, king prawns sauced in cherry tomato, basic and garlic. Big ravioli with generous burrata filling and the prawns are wrapped in whole, the dough itself was boiled just right.
You can’t leave Amici Miei without trying the pizzas of course, so we opted for the healthier topping, mortadella. Mozzarella with a tomato base, mortadella ham and puntarelle. First time trying puntarelle which is an Italian green, light and refreshing. The toppings we chose ewere light enough to enable us to taste more of the ham and sourdough base.

img_0011img_0014Last but not least comes dessert, we had a stab at seadas di ricotta. An interesting sweet ending, warm puff pastry filled with ricotta, cinnamon and lemon zest served with honey. Not too sweet and not too heavy. The honey and lemon zest slightly masked the ricotta (but ricotta doesn’t hold too much flavour anyway). Unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan of the traditional tiramisu and could have had more coffee flavour to it, the cream was also too rich and dense for my liking.

Overall a great place for a catch up and great pasta and pizza selection. A definite recommend especially if you’re in the area.

Clutch Chicken

Clutch Chicken (4 of 31)
Clutch Chicken, fried chicken the new trend!

History and Background:

Meal courtesy of Clutch Chicken

Clutch Chicken is a restaurant with true wit, chicken jokes on blackboards and puns aligning the menu, enticing you to grab your chicken fix for the night.

Joined the craze in 2014 with a hub in Haggerston, Brits continuous love for fried chicken have now transcended to making restaurants specialising in just that. Though the interior is somewhat unique, lined with mirrored tables that make seemingly awkward glances at ones own appearance…

There were floods of Deliveroo and Jinn deliveries whilst I spent my evening there, a seemingly more popular option for a night with fried chicken that a sit-in.

The chicken and eggs are free range and are fried in groundnut oil.

The meal:

We were served a bit of everything, from their coleslaw salad to their buttermilk fried chicken.

A very satisfactory meal but nothing particularly impressive. It was not the best fried chicken I’ve had but it made a good meal, in particular, with an alluring cocktail and drinks menu, it would be perfect for locals craving decent fried chicken with a bunch of friends.

Clutch Chicken (20 of 31)
Put a wing on it – honey and sesame  £12.00

We had some Love Me Tenders, (breast fillets), the lemon and parmesan flavour and sweet soy garlic. An oriental asian kick to the sweet soy garlic and very saucy.

Pictured above, my favourite was the Put a Wing on It, honey and sesame, aromatic and crunchy but maybe slightly too sweet.

Clutch Chicken (26 of 31)
Sweet Beak Brownie £5.00

The biggest surprise was it’s brownie. Served with an oozing center, the brownie is served hot and absolutely moreish. Definitely a second serving to take home kind of dish.

Bits and bobs:

  • 30% off on Mondays
  • Weekly Instagram competitions!

Price: £


Grace, one of my frequent eating partners

History and Background:

Onthebab is a trendy, chic restaurant situated between Old Street station and Shoreditch. Opened in late 2013, the restaurant made headlines for its quirky interior and menu style.

Chicken, beer and traditional Korean street food.  

The meal: 

Having been here on a few occasions, I tried something different than what I usually have. Below is the Kimchi bokeumbab, this is Korean style kimchi bacon paella with a fried free range egg on top.

Presentation is quite simple. Different to the bokeumbaps that I had in Korea, but nevertheless it was a good dish. They give you a very, very, generous portion of salad, and small amount of rice… but a dish with egg makes everything better!

Kimchi Bokeum Bab £8.50

Grace had the bibimbap, this is normally my usual, and it’s one of my favourite dishes. Please check out the #yolkporn.

Bibimbap £7.50 (with meat, an extra £1.00)

Again, I feel that Onthebab gives you a very large amount of veg… compared to the rice/ meat. But it is a very filling main.

Kimchi Jigae £7.00

Grace ordered the Kimchi jigae, very flavourful. This is kimchi & tofu stew in pork stock.

On the buns (2pcs) £6.50

Honestly, I was so full from my main, I really struggled to finish this! But this is my absolute favourite! Very juicy, succulent and meaty. *dribbling*

For this hirata bun, I opted for spicy pork, Grace was so full she didn’t even have any, and I ended up eating both… BOTH.

Service: tends to be slow, but I wouldn’t say it’s due to lack of staff, they have enough, but it’s slow. Service charge is 10%

Bits and bobs:

  • No reservations. (Expect queues)
  • No place for your coats, small tables, but it’s cosy.
  • They do takeaways!
  • I would also recommend trying the fried chicken. Try it, honestly.

Price: £

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