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Sutton and Sons (49 of 59)History and Background:

A food bloggers lunch courtesy of Suttons and Sons with the girls from @londonfoodbabes, and chef Chris, (founder of A taste. and upcoming restaurant in Clerkenwell, Three Little Birds).

Serving the widest choice of fish in North East London, Sutton and Sons is located on the high street that joins Dalston Junction and Stoke Newington stations together. Seafood is sourced daily, fresh from the Sutton and Sons’ Fishmongers, their main seafood supplier. An established and reputable entity in its own right, with its roots stemming back to 1998, serving schools and its local community.

Seafood is bought directly from the day boats of Essex and other UK coastal fishing ports, and from Billingsgate

Sutton and Son’s restaurant itself was set up in 2010, showcasing traditional British food, one of the few good fish and chippies left in town.

The meal:

Sutton and Sons (3 of 59)
There was more than half a dozen here, but on the menu (1/2 a dozen for £8.50)
Sutton and Sons (6 of 59)
Fresh Whitstable oytsers from Kent
Sutton and Sons (9 of 59)
Battered oysters (3 for £5.95)

I have to admit I don’t know much about seafood, so it was great to have Adam and Chris explain how particular foods are sourced and the reason behind particular flavours/ seasonings. These oysters are obtained from Kent, with Danny allowing us to try them raw, and also tempura style. The aioli sauce is a must-try!

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Grilled Scallops £6.95
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Fresh and succulent!
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These scallops were unbelievably good, I could have eaten the whole entire serving!
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Samphire £2.75

This is my first time trying samphire, it is a european plant of the parsley family, grown on rocks and cliffs by the sea, or as Chris explains it – its usually found in swamps or marshland. There is no need to add salt to these as its salty aroma stems naturally from its growth in these areas. I think I may have found vegetables I finally like…

We also had Mrs Sutton’s pickles (pictured below).

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Balsamic Shallots, Red Onion Rings, and Quail Egg’s (£2.75)
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Chargrilled Tuna Burger served with chips or fries (£11.90)
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Our massive feast! Large portions are Sutton and Sons
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Cod and Chips (£11.50)

Really large portions at Sutton and Sons, so you would really get your money’s worth. I had the tuna burger, you’re given a thick slab of tuna sandwiched by soft buns and a bowl full of fries.

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Tuna done medium rare, tender and meaty
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Lobster sub and fries (12.90)
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Chargrilled fish of the day (£9.50)

Service: Attentive and friendly!

Bits and bobs:

  • Can be a quite a walk if you get off at the wrong stop… so plan your journey!
  • There are mains off the menu written on the chalkboards inside, so have a look for specials

Price: £

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